After the meeting – January 11, 2011 (1/11/11)

If you would have taken a minute to fill out the ‘rate the meeting’ section on after you attended the meeting… your name and link would have been posted right here on the very popular Long Island Entrepreneurs Blog.

Just like these people did:

Gail Adams –
Yvonne meetings are the best!
At her meetings, everyone gets a one minute to stand up and explain what you do for a living. It helps make networking easier- as you decide based on your business needs, who you should talk to in the room.
Other networking events, that hold huge parties, are fun, but not as efficient as you may get stuck chatting with someone that is not a match for you OR don’t know which person in the room will help your business.

Martin B. Stevens –
It was our first meeting with the group and everyone was very friendly and receptive.

Howard and Yvonne Bisk –
Despite the expected snow madness, many people dared leave their homes and drive to the Residence Inn in Plainview. Thank you to all who attended. I hope you had a good time, just like I did 😉 Special thanks to Mark Davella of   for the information on tax grievance. I hope to see you alla gain on January 27th.

Mark Davella –
It was a snowy night but the crowd still turned out in force. Must have been 40 people at the event. I was the guest speaker and had a great time as always. We also learned that the wi-fi in the building does not extend past the lobby and rooms. Food was good and Howard bought me a drink. Thank you. One woman had all the luck and must have won at least five of the prize drawings. As always Yvonne was a doll, and knows how to coordinate a large event. You guys are the best.

One response to “After the meeting – January 11, 2011 (1/11/11)

  1. Great meeting. The new format of timing each introduction worked realy well. We were able to hear from everyone in a reasonable time. Looking forward to next time.

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