To say we had had a rough winter so far is an understatement. I want to share some important tips with you if you have been shoveling snow and for you to use in the future (maybe again next week!) So here they are:

1. If you have a medical condition such as heart disease, it is a wise idea to get the kid down the block to shovel for you.

2. If you plan to shovel, look at it the same way you would to prepare for exercising at home or in the gym, stretch out thoroughly, especially your upper and lower back and your arms and legs.

3. Pace yourself and do not try to shovel heavy loads of snow all at once. Scoop off the top in layers as this will save too much of a load on your body, especially your spine.

4. Consider stretching after shoveling as this will “cool down” your worked muscles and ligaments.

5. Certainly if you have pain, stiffness or worse consider getting checked as snow shoveling definitely constributes to spinal subluxations which effect your state of well-being and health.

Dr. Bruce Kesten


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