The 14 Most Important Presentation Tips

Thank to Brian Cohen, our featured speaker on January 27th. Brian talked about how to further ‘develop and deliver your memorable elevator pitch’. And he sent us these tips. Consider joining him at Toastmasters to laugh and learn even more –

1)    Move your head

2)    Move your hands

3)    Move your body

4)    Eye Contact – Look into the eyes of your audience and alternate after a few beats or what feels right.  People will appreciate it.

5)    Open with fire. Start with something great. Not who you are and everything on your resume.  You can add some of those details second.

6)    POV – Point of View – Where is the other person (or your audience) coming from.  Put yourself in their shoes.  Always be “recipient focused.”

7)    Benefits – Are you just talking about the features of who you are or what your product/topic is?  People connect on the benefits.

8)    Use the MAGIC PHRASE – “For Example” This will cause you to use stories, case studies, analogies, etc.  This were people make full connection with your ideas.  Make sure each “for example” has a POINT or MESSAGE.

9)    Deliver Real Value.  People will remember you for that.

10)    Never READ to people.  This includes reading a script or reading off a PowerPoint.  Use bullet pointed notes and PRACTICE before hand.

11)    You are the star, not your PowerPoint or handouts, etc.

12)    Use Images to drive points home.  People remember images. This will help them remember your messages attached, and remember YOU!

13)    Emotion – Is there feeling in what you’re saying?  Are you speaking with energy?  People make a real connection with you when emotion is part of the mix.

14)    REHEARSE! – Practicing with a video camera will help you look great in half the time with twice the results.  In one take, you will see yourself the way your audience sees you and will be able to make quick changes.

Interested in receiving some free videos on making your presentation skills more effective?  Go to

One response to “The 14 Most Important Presentation Tips

  1. Thank You Brian. Your 14 tips are invaluable. I plan on using them.

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