These were the Raffle Gifts at the FEBRUARY 8, 2011 meetup

1)    Lidia Epel, D.D.S. is offering a Complimentary Exam and 4 Bitewing X-Rays ($190.00 Value)

2)    One hour of free tutoring in French, Italian or Spanish Carole Traster-Wilk, foreign language editor and translator –

3)    Bruce Chamoff, CEO of, is offering FREE sponsorship on 4 Long Island websites (value $150)

4)    Rev. Wilma Zaltman,, is offering a FREE 30 minute session of “Clearing Obstacle to Happiness” –

5)    Singles event organizer, Gail Adams, is offering $20 off a singles event of choice

6)    Tami Racaniello will hold an nutritional consultation, or an ergonomic consultation with you for free –

7)    Anne Antonucci is offering ONE hour of FREE private yoga or tai chi class in your home

8)    Haim is offering a FREE full Coaching Session (value of $260)

9)    Andrew Kressel of ‘U Kneada Massage’ offers a FREE Bowenwork Session (value $125) –

10)    Optician, Arthur Singer is offering a FREE eye exam

11)    Teresa Ward of is offering $75 discount towards a house cleaning

12)    Eileen Lichtenstein life coach and CEO of will hold a FREE session to see if she can help someone reach new heights.

13)    Yvonne and Howard Bisk gave away a free listing on this popular blog 😉

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