Are you good at TRIVIA ??

I just read this on LinkedIN:

Calling All Trivia Buffs!
I’d like to assemble a regular, high-powered trivia team – can be up to six members – for Wednesday trivia nights at John Harvard’s in Smithtown. The games run 7-9 PM; the beer is cheap and fabulous; and the food is very good, too.

I’m an Ivy-educated Ph.D., a former college teacher, a long-time journalist, and quite good at trivia. I often win, even playing solo, but it’s more fun with a regular team. (My old team moved to Florida.)

I’d prefer assembling a team of fellow well-educated Baby Boomer professionals, with broad enough knowledge – of pop culture, as well as academic subjects – to compete well consistently and perhaps play at other Greater New York venues, too.

If you’re interested, please contact me via Linked In or via my E-mail, I’ll send you my phone number, and we can chat.

Thank you.




One response to “Are you good at TRIVIA ??

  1. Alexandra Sarancza

    Can we do it closer to Nassau any time?

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