Networking tips by the founder of Network Plus

Ted Fattoross – CEO/Founder of Network Plus

You are not your business card

You are a person. Attending a networking function can be a little like dating. Would we go out on a date, go to a restaurant and before the waiter gets to the table to take our order propose marriage to our date? Yet, for some reason that is exactly what we do — at both social and business networking events. We are not our business cards. Some people have the notion that once cards are exchanged this ritual is rite of passage to do or say anything. In truth, it’s just a small piece of paper — smaller than a credit card and has a street value of about a nickel. It’s who we are that really matters, not what we do. It’s the size of our heart not our business card that’s important.

It’s what we stand for, not what we sell that’s relevant

It’s who was associate with that defines us, not where we live or what we drive. It’s why we do what we do that really counts. You are not your job — you are Infinite Opportunities, Unlimited Dreams and Ageless Beauty. We are not sharks in suits, we are eagles with wings. Who am I? Just a just guy, who at 4 AM woke up this morning and realized that most of us have been hypnotized at an early age and as adults have remained in this hypnotic state. For good reason we were taught not to talk to strangers. So we paid attention. Became cautious, less curious. Locked our doors, closed our minds. Put on the armor of the “right business suit”. Went out and got business cards and communicate by phone and email — yes, even to the people sitting in the same room — both at home and at the office.
The wake up call? We are not children – we can talk to strangers.

We can get to know the person at the check-out line, the bus, the train, the plane and bagel shop

We are not our business cards. We are people. People do not do business with business cards, they do business with people. So, maybe the real question is not what type style or color should I use on my business card. Maybe the real question is “who am I”. And what do I stand for — and why do I do what I do. By the way, these questions are frightening – terrifying. But these are the real questions, the real deal. Are you the real deal?

Too many people follow what I call the “family of origin script” and live a life not their own

Living the “family of origin script” is comfortable, safe and secure. In truth, it’s a prison – three “hots and a cot” as they say in prisons. Safe. Leaving this place takes courage. Courage is not being fearless, courage is moving forward while facing our fear, period. Our real fear is not of failure. Our real fear is of possibility. Of what we are, of what we may become. Our real fear is that glimpse of amazing abundance, infinite wisdom, and boundless possibilities. We fear ourselves, our possibilities. Within each of us is a seed. A seed that must be planted, nurtured, cultivated and embraced. It’s our seed — not mom’s, dad’s, our teachers, preachers or neighbor’s. We own it and are responsible for its outcome. We own the outcome. We allow others to direct, dictate and manage us in an all-out effort not to take ownership of our lives – thus, avoiding the ownership of the outcome. We loose by default no matter how large our portfolio, value of our estate or size of our business. Never live by default. Own your seed, own your journey and celebrate the ownership of your outcome. Remind yourself that every day above ground is a great one – a gift, be thankful. Rejoice in all things.

2 responses to “Networking tips by the founder of Network Plus

  1. Thanks for this great article. It is very eye opening. This will be a part of my business model now.

  2. This was a beautifully written blog, thank you for sharing it, Elizabeth Biederman

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