Neil says ‘thank you’…

Those of you who attended the last 2 meetings know that I talked about Neil Ackerman and his unfortunate fall in the airplane on his way to Florida. This is the whole story as he wrote to me on February 19:

Hello friends, associates and relatives,

Thought I’d fill you in on a recent unexpected, unplanned and definitely unwanted turn of evens in my life this week. I guess February and Florida don’t mix well with me.

On the flight down (on Spirit), 20 minutes into the flight I got up to go to the bathroom. I never made it – but parts of me sort of did. It appears that I blacked out after 5 rows (we were sitting in row 10) and went thud. To my misfortune it wasn’t into a soft belly or big soft boobs, or some hot stewardess, it was into (what I am told) is the area/shelf where they keep the serving cart. I don’t recall any of this. The first thing I remember after giving my wife my bag and telling her I was going to the bathroom (felt a little sick – probable from my friends driving on the way to the airport), was after we landed and hearing the attendants announce that the emergency case was going to get off first. That special honor of course was mine.

They had a special escort waiting – an ambulance to take me to Broward Health. I was laid out on the floor of the plane for over and hour. I may have been completely out for about 15 minutes. But then I was supposedly talking and answering all their questions. Someone did take of my denim shirt. They didn’t like the blood and vomit (yeah I did that too). My wife’s driver’s license was in the pocket – both shirt and license never scene again. There was a Dr. in the back of the plane that came forward and took care of me and a former police officer sitting up front helped him.

For the physical results of this eventful plane ride. Those of you that may be a bit squeamish might want to skip the next few lines. I ended up with a deep gash next to my left eye, extending down from the eyebrow. I currently have 7 – big and messy for a nice little scar. The eye is all black and blue with a big puffy colorful swelling underneath. What lays underneath is a mess. My cheek bones (left side),  have been broken and pushed in and the surrounding bones at the bottom and side of the eye socked and along side the sinus cavities all have cracks.
We found a specialist down here and checked him out (once I broke free of the hospital that was wasting my time and didn’t want to let me go). He is a maxillofacial specialist and plastic surgeon (Eric Stelnicki). He only works on kids now. So I fit right in. We decided to go with him and it was not advisable to wait until I got back home. So, surgery is Monday, I should be out on Tuesday. He says I will be able to fly home. I think I may walk – might be safer.

So that’s the latest poop. Another ‘wonderful’ Florida vacation. No swimming for me, eating is not so easy or enjoyable and  to cough, sneeze, or yawn just creates extremely unpleasant feelings (besides the shifting of the bones).

This week I got a thank you note to all that send him healing thoughts:

Thanks to all.
And just letting everyone know I am doing good. Each day brings more healing and brings me a day closer to full recovery. I’ll do a full update to the group soon but I wanted to thank everyone for the well wishes, prayers and good vibes.
See you all soon at a networking event.
Neil Ackerman – The Right Touch –


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