Don’t open any emails from a KATHY LAGOLI…

I don’t know what you would call her: scammer, pfisher or hacker.

She was mentioned in this blog post and lots of people responded:

Be aware,



15 responses to “Don’t open any emails from a KATHY LAGOLI…

  1. Randy Jarreau

    I received the same two emails. And just to caution you, the subject line referred to an event I was involved with the previous weekend (it was the subject line that I had used). Based on this I assumed it was someone legit wanting a question answered and I sent my cell phone number. Shortly thereafter my cellphone quit working properly – neither party can hear each other. Hopefully it’s just coincidence, but I’m not sure.

  2. I did not receive an email until today and the content read “Are you still in business?”. The exact same email was received by a friend who warned me about it. She told me that after she wrote back, this “Kathy” (??) told her about my group. When I heard that, I decided to post this warning on the blog.

    I do not think this is just a coincedence. Too many things have happened after people received AND responded to an email from her. I think ‘Kathy” is a professional scammer.

    Always be alert when people you do not know ask for personal information, even if it is just a phone number. This “Kathy” uses very clever subject lines that make you think it is a legit query.

  3. I got one of the emails from Kathy Lagoli yesterday and opened it from my phone so not sure what damage if any this scammer can do. However I am going to high tail it over to US Cellular to make sure nothing can happen with my smart phone/blackberry and opening this email. BTW I got back a mailer deamon message that the email address is not valid. is where my event was posted and I am thinking that is where she/he got my contact information.

    Thank you Vera Nowak

  4. I got 2 emails from “Kathy Lagoli”, it was in my spam folder, but the subject was “Danielle Hair Salon / Facebook”, which is a business page for my salon. So I opened it. She asked if I’m still in business, as I haven’t responded to her. I noticed that the first email was from kathy@ifamilyassist and the other was larry@ifamilyassist. I went to to check it out, it’s just a site that you can create email addresses, no extras like Hotmail or Yahoo. Very suspicious!!

  5. It seems that she/he/they get information from blogs and send out emails that all have subjects about something posted on the blog, the title of a post or a recent event people have organized.

    I received a total of 3 emails from Kathy Lagoli now and they all have subject lines with titles of my posts and in all emails I am asked if I am still in business.

    What is the fun hackers have by doing this??
    I really don’t get it! What do they gain from this??

  6. I just got an e-mail from her saying “Is it still available?” in regard to an article (available online) about the pre-Civil War “Underground Railroad” which I published in the February issue of New Hampshire Magazine. At first I thought she might be some poor victim of some sort of modern day exploitation bu t I guess we’re the ones she’s exploiting (if it’s even a “she”).
    Wierd occasional beeping coming out of my computer

  7. I have received about 4 from Kathy Lagoli and I enter lots of giveaways on blogs. And I know that she or it has gotten my emails from some of the blogs, because in the subject line…the re: and item that was being given away.

  8. I just received one from was regarding a newspaper article in which it reported my mothers death..which was tragic..the title of the email was from the actual article. Of course I opened it..inside it said…sorry, I must have the wrong email…how terrible of her or whomever to do this to me!

  9. Jenn,

    I am so sorry to hear this. I really don’t think they (whoever they are) even read the contents of the posts that are used.

    The people behind all this are just sick people.


  10. Wow, I didn’t know everyone was receiving emails from her.. I have photographs posted on a website for purchasing and I received 3 emails from her asking if I was still in business then the last one saying I must have the wrong person. I did reply, but nothing from her yet. I probably shouldn’t read back into it. Wild huh? People like her must really be bored with life and should try getting a new hobby and stop being an interner creeper.

  11. i received a couple of emails form “kathy lagoli” a few weeks ago. just like one poster said, the first one read “are you still in business?” the second one almost got me to reply because it read like a “legit mistake” as it read “sorry, i think i got the wrong email.” i thought it was from a former colleague, good thing i Googled her name first before even attempting to reply.

  12. do any of you belong to Toluna? That is where she originates from under the name eatmydots.

  13. I get them too, asking “is it still available” which makes no sense at all. I think “Kathy” is a bot that harvests E-mail addresses and the titles of web pages where they appear, then sends messages like this to them. If you’re unlucky enough to respond, you’ve just confirmed to the bot that your E-mail address is live. “Kathy” can then sell the list of confirmed live addresses to spammers.

  14. I’m a plumber and new in business this seamed genuine so I’m glad I did some digging before replying, Kathy Lagoli luckily her emails went in to the spam folder message simply said:


    Hey didn’t hear back from you, are you still in business ?


    needles to say I have not replied

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