Carol Klein, alias Mismatch the clown and “Our Heros Night Out”

Carol Klein, Alias Mismatch the Clown – – does not just talk the talk, she walks the walk when it comes to helping vets!!
Video: Cooking for Veterans

Levittown woman sets up delicious and healthy Asian cooking demo for Northport vets.

But that is not all…
You’ve seen Long Island veterans overjoyed after a lively performance by former American Idol finalist and Levittown native Kevin Covais. You’ve seen our country’s heroes cheering for chocolate at a tasting demonstration.


But who is the woman behind all the fun?
Her name is Carol Klein and she is, in fact, much more than just a woman. She is a teacher’s assistant to special education students, a mother and grandmother, a Levittown resident, and–here’s the kicker–a professional clown.

And there is more….

Levittown resident Carol Klein has, for the last two years, scheduled events for homeless and sick veterans with her organization, Our Heroes Night Out. On Tuesday, January 18, chocolate sommelier Roxanne Browning brought her craft to the men of the Northport Salvation Army Veterans Home.

Chocolate tasting video


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