Your story in Newsday!!

Ted Phillips a reporter from Newsday joined us at the last Long Island Entrepreneurs Meetup and spoke about a story he is putting together.

Here is what Ted is looking for:

“I’m a reporter working on a story about people who have
successfully changed careers in the past three or four years.
I’m looking for people who might be interested in speaking
about their change. “

If you feel like he is talking about YOU, send me an email and will put you in touch with Ted.
Reply no later then by the end of THIS week.


6 responses to “Your story in Newsday!!

  1. Wow!!
    Sorry I missed this. Please put my hat in the ring for Ted’s story.
    However, I am still working as a Registered Nurse in addition to
    becoming a Green business owner.

  2. My story-
    10 years working for Corporations – Hiring lots of Sales reps for companies and other positions. Enjoyed finding people jobs, pay was very good. Then in 2008 jobs were being cut from many companies – hiring freezes, positions eliminated.
    So I made my side kick job, SINGLES EVENTS a FULL time job!
    Yes the first year in Business was a learning experience both financially and organizationally – what works and what doesn’t!
    3 years later, I’m happy to report I am doing well, and may never be a millionaire but rich with happiness from being self-employed and helping people find LOVE instead of jobs!
    Thanks for letting me share this,
    7 in Heaven Singles Events

  3. Please put me in touch with Ted as well. I used to work in the wonderful world of Corporate Finance but after two decades of that I finally did find my way and I’m now the operator of a, a locally operated daily deals site catering to men.

  4. I was an executive in the recording industry for 30 years before changing careers because of digital downloading. I’m now a successful Long Term Care, Life Insurance representative. I also had my career change documented in the Wall Street Journal and Rolling Stone magazine

  5. Hi Yvon,I`m shore I have a great story to tell.

  6. Awesome! What a great opportunity. Please feel free to refer my name 🙂 From corporate to nutrition and wellness consultant…. and never turning back 🙂 I get to be with my kids and do what I love… why would I want it any different? 🙂

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