Are you effective on the phone?

By Regina Finkelstein, alias Doctor Promo
 Try these simple tactics for better results.

1. Stand up and smile! When you stand up your energy level rises and can be “felt” over the phone. Smiling can also be heard in your voice. Keep a small mirror near your desk and do a “smile check” before each call.

2. Listen to yourself. Use a tape recorder and listen to your conversation with a customer. Are you “smiling” over the phone? Do you “um” and “uh” too much?

3. Always have a backup plan ready.  Have a Plan B/C/D ready in case your first idea gets rejected.

4. No secretary to take a message? Use your answering machine instead. Say when you will return. You’d never tell a secretary “Tell them I’ll call back as soon as I can.”

5. Never let them know that you don’t know the answer. Instead say “I’ll look it up/ask my colleague/find the answer and get right back to you”


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