How to make your new Meetup Group more attractive…

Three things you can do to make your new Meetup Group more attractive to prospective members

When starting a new Meetup Group, the Organizer’s Forum is a great place to get tips from seasoned, accomplished Organizers. But what does a member think of your new Meetup Group?

Thomas is a Meetup member who happened by the forum to give us a sense of what he considers when joining new Meetup Groups. We thought it was advice worth repeating. Some highlights:

Change the default event
Successful Meetups are lead by someone with a vision. Your job as an Organizer is to set that vision and make that vision clear to prospective members. Good Organizers do listen to their members, but there’s a time and a place for that and it’s not when you’re first starting your Meetup Group.

Schedule a Meetup or three
What’s the point of a Meetup Group that doesn’t Meetup? It takes effort to continue to organize Meetups on an ongoing basis. If you don’t put in the effort to organize Meetups when you are starting your Group, what does that tell prospective members about your ability to put in the effort to organize them on an ongoing basis?

Fill out your own profile
You’re understandably curious about your new members so you can tailor your first events towards them. But your prospective members are interested in you, too.



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