Some basic ways to advertise your business online

1.    Networking with like minded business owners
2. Advertise on other sites which attract your target customers
3. Visit forums and blogs that your target customers would frequent; comment and lend your expertise and advice in your field
4. Learn search engine optimization (SEO) and apply it to your website as you build it
5. Write press releases and submit them to various sites that accept press release submissions
6. Create Google AdWords campaigns
7. Continually add quality, relevant content to your site your visitors would be interested in
8. Write articles and submit them to article directories
And one NOT to do tip: Don’t SPAM anywhere, that is bad exposure for your business
These are only a few of the ways to help get people visiting your site, but remember that you can’t possibly get the word out with just one form of advertising, so broaden your horizons, don’t be afraid to learn something new.  If you don’t have the time or knowledge to do all these things yourself, outsource by finding someone who specializes in the areas you aren’t as strong in, like search engine optimization and press release writing.  There are lots of qualified individuals who do those things for a living and would be more than happy to help you get the exposure your business deserves.


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