Featured Business June / July 2011

Mind Focus Generation

By Julie Kleinhans

Teen Confidence Coach and Business Mentor for Youth Practitioners


Creating Confidence for Youth in 5 Easy Steps

Looking for ways to become more confident and empowered? Want to create the feeling of certainty about the decisions you are making and the places you are going in life? Check out their membership community specifically designed for teenagers and young adults.


One response to “Featured Business June / July 2011

  1. Julie has changed my life in ways that I could not have ever imagined doing by myself. BUT THATS JUST THE THING…YOU DO IT ALL YOURSELF. and she teaches you to become an independant thinker, a TRULY happy person and she also teaches you the power of your thoughts and emotions and ways to make them work in YOUR favor… And her newly budding buisness is a great testimate to her preechings, showing that whatever you want may be achieved through thought and action. Thank you for everything Julie.

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