After the meeting – July 12, 2011

Julie Kleinhans –
Yvonne and Howie do such a great job in bringing amazing people to the group and to also keep the energy positive and inspiring. Great time again.

Mindy Pensig –

Rita Wolfe – Do you need and extra hand –
Our hosts were gracious as usual! The group had a great speaker, Svetlana Sobel, Esq. and I won lots of prizes!!!!!

Jerrold S. –
Very informative from the attorney! Great people to meet!

Howard and Yvonne Bisk –
Svetlana Sobel, Partner at Sobel Law Offices PC in Amityville –  gave great info on company formation, employee relations, contracts and third parties, protection of property, etc to a large group of entrepreneurs at the Residence Inn in Plainview on July 12th. After Svetlana’s presentation we had an interesting round of elevator speeches, followed by the raffles. See you next time – August 9th!!

jason fishman –
The meeting had a great turn out for middle of July! Always well organized and conducted. Everyone is friendly and looking for ways to help each other.

Nelson Foo-Seng Lai –

Bruce Chamoff –
It was great meeting new people and seeing acquaintances. Good presentation from Svetlana.


One response to “After the meeting – July 12, 2011

  1. My first meeting and I was impressed by how organized Yvonne kept the meeting. Things moved smoothly and stayed interesting and friendly!

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