After the meeting – August 9, 2011

If you take a minute to fill out the ‘rate the meeting’ section on after you attend one of the meetings, you will get your name and link posted on this very popular Long Island Entrepreneurs Blog. Just like these people did:

Jerrold Schwartz –
Great meeting! Gets better every time!

Patrick Picarsic –
Very organized. Needs more mingling booze time!

Howard and Yvonne Bisk –
What a crowd! What a turnout! Thank you to all who came to the meeting. And thank you Christine Segal from Inner Beauty Workshops – for your talk on healthy lifestyle choices.


5 responses to “After the meeting – August 9, 2011

  1. Business and referrals are based on relationships. Mine are always reinforced here-
    and I enjoyed Christine Segal’s presentation

    Next month 9/13 will be super-duper!! LIWP is joining LIE with Missing Child TV as speaker.

  2. And I love to my business relationship with the incomparable Eileen Lichtenstein!

  3. I had a lot of fun presenting the key note speech. There was a great turn-out! Everyone is so friendly and willing to lend a hand. The meetings are always well put together by Yvonne & Howard.

  4. I learned a lot, Christine. Thanks for a great presentation!

  5. Great meeting – met interesting people! Keynote speech was very informative.

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