5 rules for choosing a great promotional product

1. It stands out – Big companies like Target, Nike, or Coca-Cola may put their logo on ordinary items because they know people will grab them up by the handful. But if you are new in business or trying to increase your market share you need to use products that have the “wow factor.”

2. It fits the occasion/target audience – Do your homework and find out who your target audience, good referral sources, and prime markets are and choose a product that fits. If it’s the construction industry don’t give them a mousepad, as they probably don’t spend much time on the computer. Give out a tape measure key chain instead.

3. It evokes an emotion – You want people to feel strongly about your promotional products so give them something about which to get excited. You also want to motivate them to buy from you so make sure it’s not an item to which they might object. A strong motto or tagline helps get this message across.

4. It has a function – The worst is when your give-away ends up in the “circular file” AKA garbage can. Make sure you give away things that have a function other than being decorative. It’s all about RPI (recognition per impression). There are plenty of useful, handy items that you can brand your logo on and give out.

5. It’s good quality – You don’t have to give away the most expensive things out there, just make sure what you do give out is a quality product. It’s your name and reputation you’re promoting so what will it say about you if the recipient uses your product only to have it break, leak, or fail in some other way?


Thank you Regina Finkelstein, alias Doctor Promo, for this great info



One response to “5 rules for choosing a great promotional product

  1. GREAT Tips!!!
    I have an eco-friendly reusable garment bag for dry cleaning & so much more. If you wish to add it to your ensemble…let me know.

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