Warm up a cold call

1. Do your research

Make sure the company wants what you are selling. Do they already use the product or a similar one? Don’t call a restaurant to sell them tires on the off chance one or two people might have a need. Call a taxi company instead. It may sound simple but enough people think “everyone needs my product/service.”

2. Relax and smile

If you are nervous or intimidated it will come across the phone line and make people suspicious. People can pick up on these things even if you are not face to face.  Confidence is catching so give yourself a pep talk before picking up the phone: “I have a great product and I am a successful salesperson” is something you can tell yourself before picking up the phone. A smile can be “heard” over the phone too!

3.  Use creativity in your pitch

Even if you have a structured script throw in something creative and lighthearted. No one likes a cheesy or cliched pitch. Use humor but stay away from jokes, which can fall flat.

 4. Be ready to adjust your message

Pick up on the other person’s signals. Pay attention to whether your message is being received or rejected. Be ready to make a quick change in your approach and go off script if necessary.

5. Respect the other person

Be aware of their time, space, and sensibilities. There’s a fine line between confident and overbearing. Don’t be too pushy or get too chummy too fast.

6. Know when to quit

If it becomes obvious the person has absolutely no interest or need for your product/service know when to end the call. Don’t waste your time where it is not appreciated. Move on to the next call.

Send in by Regina Finklestein, alias Doctor Promo – http://www.DoctorPromo.biz


2 responses to “Warm up a cold call

  1. Thanks Regina. These are great tips. A lot of people dread nothing more than making cold calls. Admittedly, I am sometimes one of them!

    Boring walls? Give me a call!

    Debbie Viola

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