Long Island Launches is looking for a new administrator

Long Island Launches has the capability to be a dynamic local network for Long Island businesses. There are more than 200 members in the network as well as more than 2,400 targeted followers on Twitter.

Unfortunatley, I don’t have the time to devote to this network to make it flourish, so I’m offering it up for sale if anyone is interested. I wanted to reach out to members of the group first.

Included in the sale will be the domain name: longislandlaunches.com (and any other associated domain names), the ning network with all members and all of its great capabilities (without any programming!), the email account, Twitter account and any branding associated with the network.

Long Island Launches has not been incorporated into a business as I have not done anything with it to turn a profit. However, the potential for that is there.

If you are interested in taking over the network, please contact me by replying to this message or emailing me at dpfalvey@gmail.com to discuss the details further.

Diane Falvey
Visit Long Island Launches at


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