Celebrating 5 years and 15% off at TGIF…


I really can’t believe that it is 5 years ago when I had my very first meeting!!
That meeting was at the Lynbrook diner with 5 people. And look at what we have accomplished in 5 years. Successful meetings each and every month (I only skipped one meeting since I was sick as a dog with seasonal allergies) with a large and very diverse crowd.

I hope you can join us at out special meeting this Tuesday at the Residence Inn by Marriott, 9 Gerhard Road, Plainview at 7 PM. It is going to be a special meeting with lots of give-aways.

And talking about give-aways.
Take a look at this:


Enjoy a nice dinner at one of the TGIF locations mentioned in the caption of the picture and get 15% off on us 😉




One response to “Celebrating 5 years and 15% off at TGIF…

  1. Rita Wolfe - Wolfe Professional Services

    Hi Yvonne and Howard – I am so sorry that I missed your 5th Anniversary! I did send a newbie to you though!
    Congratulations to both of you on doing such a marvelous job of organizing these events.
    Rita Wolfe
    Do You Need a Helping Hand? Call ME!!!

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