How was our meeting (December 13th, 2011) ??

Rus Carbon –
Very informative, and it was great to connect with other like minded hustling entrepreneurs.

Howard and Yvonne Bisk –
The meeting on December 13th was surprisingly rewarding for myself as well as for many of the other attendees. Several people made comments to me that they met people that they were going to connect with later in the week. I definitely met people that I will be connecting with. We had many new professionals,  they were surprised that they had a very easy time adjusting to our type of networking event and they will be returning next month.

Leslie Orloff –
It was good to meet fellow LI’s with common interests, but there were some people who spoke too long.

Barbara Synnott – New York Life
The meeting was well attended and well run.

Bill & Rosa D’Anna –
Howard and Yvonne did a great job! It was our first meeting and it met all our expectations.

Betsy Maniotis –
It was a great meeting with a huge turnout. I met a lot of new people with interesting businesses.


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