FEATURED BUSINESS January/February 2012

Andrene Williams
Global Elite Virtual Assistant Services

We deliver nothing but the best…


A Virtual Assistant is an Independent Contractor who works independently from their own home.  The individual works virtually and utilizes today’s modern technology like the computer, phone, fax machines, email, internet and postal service to carry out their services.

Global Elite Virtual Assistant Services was founded by Andrene Williams in January 2010. Ms. Williams has over 15 years experience as an Office Manager at a major hospital in Queens. In that capacity, she handled the payroll, staffing, assist with recruitment, employees and residents complaints, served as liaison between staff and upper management, ordered medical and office equipment and supplies, created policy and procedures, processed check requests for staffing agencies, budget plans, input medical data into the system for our Medicaid/Medicare reimbursement, served as overseer for the Unit Clerks, union contracts and was responsible for the overall daily function of the Nursing Office. Ms. Williams is also the Founder/CEO of a non-profit youth organization located in Queens, New York. Her organization provides scholarships, after-school programs, summer programs, tutoring, and career advisement, financial assistant for summer program, job preparation skills and mentoring. She is also a license Real Estate Salesperson, has a degree in Nursing and a Notary.

In 2008, Ms. Williams became unemployed and desperately seeking employment. She knew she had to find alternate means to take care of her financial obligations. She wanted to find a job that will enable her to utilize her experience while working at her own convenience. She also needed time to devote to her non-profit youth organization. Ms. Williams came across an article on the internet about Virtual Assistants. After researching the concept further, she realized that this is exactly what she wanted to do. Ms. Williams then decided to name her business Global Elite Virtual Assistant Services. She saw beyond the stars and knew that one day G.E.V.A.S. would be a worldwide successful business. Ms. Williams would one day be able to grow her business to the degree where she can employ others.


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