How was our meeting (FEBRUARY 14th, 2012)

Howard and Yvonne Bisk

Happy Valentine’s Networking 😉 Chocolates, raffle prizes and a great group of people.

Betsy and Bob Maniotis

It was a great meeting with new business owners, as well as members. Yvonne & Howard made it fun by giving us all chocolate Valentines. ~ Thank you Yvonne & Howard!


This meet up was very well run. Both Yvonne and Howard were welcoming. There were many business entrepreneurs there networking. It is a good idea to have everyone stand up and introduce themselves as we did.


The meeting was well attended and very well organized. I enjoyed the presentations and learning about the various businesses of the members.

Janet and Rick Matteo

Excellent experience, would highly recommend, We attended our first meeting last month
& we like this group very much. No pressure, comfortable yet productive atmosphere, no membership fee or requirements, the location is nice, food was good. Met a nice mix of business people”

Gretchen Gillman

Yvonne & Howard are genuinely wonderful people. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to meet you and to join this group! Dennis, who is a fixture (barkeeper) from the venue Residence Inn, was wonderful as well! Looking forward to next month’s meeting and everyone who is returning as well.


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