Special Member Benefit – eLuminate Pitch Crowdfunding Conference

It is my great pleasure, to offer a special benefit to you for the eLuminate Pitch Crowdfunding Conference slated this July 30 and 31 at the Hilton New York.

As a first-of-its-kind conference, it provides you the perfect opportunity to gain insight on how you can scale your business. At the same time, you will hear from experts on ways to leverage crowdfunding resources in order to expand and launch new products and services.

The times are changing, and crowdfunding is proof that every great idea now has the opportunity to be financed and advance towards enormous business success. At the eLuminate Pitch CrowdFunding Conference, entrepreneurs like you finally will acquire groundbreaking access to financial platforms and growth strategies designed to catapult your business.

With this special member benefit, you will enjoy a two-day all-access badge to the various crowdfunding, financing, and growth strategies that will be showcased during the conference, at a special discounted price of $295. This is $400 off the current $695 conference fee and can only be offered to the first 50members, first come first serve. This discount expires when we reach the 50-attendee limit, whichever comes first.

Members must use the promo code: “TLIBNG” to take advantage of this limited offer.

Key Benefits:
• Achieve absolute visibility for your crowdfunding ideas or solutions;
• Build an extensive understanding of the most effective ways to leverage crowdfunding funds;
• Learn some of the best business practices and insights from influential and successful entrepreneurs;
• Acknowledge the fundamental elements of an effective pitching campaign;
• Realize how accessible the legal, legislative and financial aspects of crowdfunding are once they are simplified and demystified by business experts;
• Network your way to success!

Register today at http://eluminatenetwork.com/crowdfunding-conference/



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