After the meeting – June 12, 2012

Mindy Lampert – Resource for Tween/Teen parenting –
Always meet interesting people from all walks of life who share their dreams, goals, and accomplishment s. Yvonne and Howard put together an excellent program.

Janet Matteo – USA Mobile Drug Testing –
Great attendance for a wet night, met some interesting new people and had a nice dinner chatting with attendees.

Natalia Diaz – Organo Gold Coffee –
Both Yvonne and Howard are very nice.. I got to meet very exciting individuals and I am looking forward to the next meeting..

Carol Leitner – GIA Wellness –
Excellent as always. Delicious (truly) dinner, really eclectic, interesting crowd. Great facilitating and generosity on the parts of Yvonne and Howie. I thoroughly enjoyed presenting to a crowd that was truly listening. And truly enjoyed the networking that came after our presentations.Always a pleasure to attend Yvonne’s and Howie’s events.

Shantel Maratea – Eat well 4 life –
Nice group of like minded entrepreneurs. Will continue to attend.

Deb Gargano – Get fit personal training –
I enjoyed the meeting. Yvonne & Howard are very welcoming & run the meeting with warmth and professionalism.

Terry Biener – Easy changes hypnosis –
Well-organized, providing everyone with the ultimate networking experience. Comfy venue, delicious dinner.

Dominick Brescia – Aflac –
To be honest, I was a little disappointed in the meet-up for the following reasons: For one, I was expecting business owners of larger companies. I was also surprised that many of the members were more interesting in recruiting new members to joing their respective teams instead of looking for prospects or leads to increase their customer base. Still, with all of this being said, I’m planning on returning back to the meetup on July 10th.

Chis Jones – Terrific, really enjoyed meeting everybody and I plan on going to the next get together

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