The Miracle of Networking…

A true story….

Yvonne and Howard,

It was great seeing the both of you Tuesday night (July 10th), and I have a story that goes along with it, though not humorous then it is now in its own way.

I was complaining about my left hand, thinking it was an issue with my back. So I scheduled a massage with Harmonie Saltzman of Massage Envy Spa in Plainview. I went to have the massage done the following day. I have never been to an establishment where they turned away good business, but that is exactly what happened, with good reason.

They advised me to go see my doctor. Well instead, I called him – and got scolded! It turns out – I had experienced a stroke (we figure the timeline as happening early Tuesday morning). I am okay now – got home late Friday, but it was an eye-opener to say the least.

If I had not gone to your event and met Harmonie, gone for my massage (that I never got), the effects could have potentially been worse, both short and long term.

What I am trying to get at is I truly believe the Lord works in many strange ways, we in most cases never know why, but for me, that evening was a lifesaver – THANK YOU!

On an additional note, I met Colin that same evening and he has now connected me with someone who may potentially be interested in funding my project in Costa Rica. Again, you never know.

Please keep having the networking events – they are a life saver/changer.

Love to you both;

Keith Macartney

Caribbean Highlands, S.A.

Gated destination overlooking

the Caribbean in Costa Rica





I have to share this story with you.

At the last networking event for LI Entrepreneurs I met Keith Macartney. After the meeting we chatted a little while.  He told me how he pulled a muscle in his back and he needed a good massage therapist to help him relieve the pain. I told him I would call him when I got into the office and we would schedule an appointment for him right away.

The next day he came in for his appointment and the pain was even worse. The massage therapist took one look at him and recommended he see a doctor immediately and didn’t perform the massage.

I just spoke to Keith today he told me the doctor said he had a stroke. Keith is doing better now. Keith was so appreciative that we didn’t perform the massage and that my Massage Therapist demanded he see a doctor. If I didn’t meet Keith at your meeting who knows what could have happened. Keith told me he would not have seen a doctor and that he would have probably dealt with the pain for as long as he could. As soon as his doctor says it’s okay Keith will be back to get his massage.

I still have chills just thinking about this. Everything happens for a reason and I’m very glad that I was able to help Keith Macartney seek help for his pain.

Thank you, Yvonne for making this networking experience possible.

Harmonie Saltzman

Massage Envy Spa Plainview

Director of Marketing

355 So Oyster Bay Road

Plainview, NY 11803


Signs of a stroke:

Keith complained about tingling and pain in his hand !!!


3 responses to “The Miracle of Networking…

  1. This whole thing is great. You should go on some cool show, Yvonne and Howard. Channel 12 should interview you! Look how you help people!!!!

  2. Yes, lot’s of chills here.
    Keith, I’m happy you’re doing OK-

  3. Geez, that is unbelievable. I am so glad Keith is OK. He is a wonderful person, and an excellent networker. When I first met him at an event, he was kind enough to call me the next day with a referral. His wife’s friend is an interior designer, and I own a decorative painting business! That gesture always sticks in my mind, and I try to pay it forward with others.

    Debbie Viola

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