I have a challenge for you

Be a part of a Global Meditation on 12.12.12.
Watch the video everyone is talking about


On December 12, 2012: Join us as we make history by participating in a guided global meditation to promote global unity, peace and harmony. The idea is to share positive thoughts about the world in which we live to create a positive energy shift. The Meditation will be broadcast from our website (www.themastershift.com) two times on 12.12.12; once at 9:30 pm, Japanese Standard Time for the Eastern Hemisphere and a second time at 9:30 pm Eastern Time for the Western Hemisphere. The English version of the video is already at 15,000 views! Five foreign versions will be released shortly in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Arabic and Hindi. Please watch and share on your social media sites.


Thank you Christine Segal for bringing this to my attention 😉
Christine Segal is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and has a Master’s Degree in Education. Christine teaches people to achieve wellness by generating health from the inside out. She is also a Certified Vision Board Coach having studied with Joyce Schwartz author of “The Vision Board.” Christine has also studied with Jeffery Combs, Golden mastermind expert.

More information can be found on her website: www.innerbeautyworkshops.com or calling her directly at (631) 355-9442.


One response to “I have a challenge for you

  1. It’s always great to discover a new blog this good. I will be back here for sure.

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