Networking Is Not An Event, It’s A Lifestyle

Not everything we were taught is correct.

We were taught to only attend large networking events so we can get lots of business cards. Wrong.

Think about this:

When you go on a sales call do you need more than one other person in the room? Would you let the other person think “they are not enough”?


Just two people: enough.

So why make excuses, or be disappointed when an event is not “well attended”.

I remember attending a networking event where no one else showed up, not even the host.

Granted, it may have been the snowstorm that kept everyone at home, near the fireplace and hot coffee.

Before I left the “event” I have made 17 business contacts, including the owner of the hotel, the manager of the restaurant, the owner of the cafe, the sales rep from the food purveyor and the real estate agent who was across the street from the hotel.

You see, I helped him shovel out his car.

Now a customer for life.


Networking is not an event, it’s a lifestyle.

Read the whole article HERE


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