Think before you click…

Multiple new infections arriving via email 

There are a few emails being circulated that look very real and seem to be tricking a large number of users into clicking the link. One mimics a popular package delivery company and the only thing in the email that does not look legitimate is the address it was sent from.

If you receive emails from unknown senders, or if anything in the email is incorrect, then you should delete it without clicking the link.

If you are expecting a package, take the tracking number out of the email and paste into Google. If it is a legitimate tracking number it will bring up the carriers website, you do not need to go to a carriers website, Google will find the carrier based on the format of the number (if it is real).

Again, do not click the link in any email if you have any doubt about where the email was sent from, or if it is real. Identity theft and spam are on the rise and this is one way a hacker can gain access to information on your hard drive, or use your pc to spam others in your contact list.

If you get infected call for professional help and change your passwords to your email account, financial institutions and other websites from a different computer.

Please let us know if we can assist.
Armando D’Accordo
516 208-4161
CMIT of South Nassau


Armando D’Accordo
516 208-4161
CMIT of South Nassau


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