CNBC is casting for a new TV Show…

A well-respected financial network CNBC hosted by a well known Sports figure is seeking 6 brave men who currently hold the position of CEO or Executive Management to profile for a non-airable presentation to be given an opportunity to improve their business and life.

Through interviews, these men will walk us through how their lives have changed from the beginning of their careers until present day. This will range from relationships to their personal lifestyle, to how they have changed in their businesses or how their businesses have changed them over the past several years. 

We will also need to interview 2 people in their life; perhaps a family member and an employee. These 2 people must be “allowed” to speak freely about how they’ve seen change over the years. 

If you’re selected by the network, our team of experts (chosen based on your needs/wishes) will give you a fresh perspective on your life and help your business thrive.


Jodi Weiss

Producer CNBC




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