7 Reasons to Network Like a Dog


Serious about networking? Then go at it like a pit bull. Learn 7 tips from the real experts.

Most business people regularly do some form of networking. You meet people; you pass out a few business cards; and you maybe follow up here or there. But often networking is a sideline, an afterthought. Like any marketing technique, networking is most effective when done with intention and consistency. It’s not that most people are lazy or inept, but often they just don’t think about it or have a good model to follow.

Luckily, my friend Brian Feinblum recently delighted me in his blog by pointing out the perfect model for networking: his 4-year-old English bulldog Daisy.  Brian is the Chief Marketing Officer for the P.R. firm Media Connect, and he nicely shared Daisy’s smart networking skills. These 7 tips should help you win in the dog-eat-dog world of business … or at least give you paws to think. (Sorry.)

1. Fearlessly Work a Room

Dogs are strangers to one another, but they instantly meet and greet those around them.  They know how to fearlessly work a room.  Try to be open and free-spirited like a golden retriever. Just walk up, say hi, and introduce yourself to anyone who will listen. You don’t have to lick their faces.

Want to read the entire article…. Go to http://www.inc.com/kevin-daum/7-reasons-to-network-like-a-dog.html


Thank you Valerie Lampe of Elephant Networking


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