Cash Flow Game… it’s fun !!!

Play Cashflow 101 With Us

The Entrepreneur Center is playing games again! But not in a bad way. We just think that people can learn a lot while they’re having fun, and games can simulate real life situations that require real life skills. Cashflow 101 was created by Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad, Poor Dad fame, as a way to teach people the ins and outs of money, business and investing. The object of the game is to find your way out of the rat race as quickly as possible by achieving financial independence. Find out if your money habits are holding you captive, and how you can learn to think like the rich.  You’ll also meet great people.  Refreshments will be served.  There is a $15 fee for this workshop.


Thursday, April 3rd

7:00 pm


The Entrepreneur Center

1800 Walt Whitman Road

Melville, NY 11747

Register Now – Space is Limited



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