Our backyard project…

Please click here to go to our GoFundMe.com page

Since the opening of our daycare center “Learn and Play Levittown” in the summer of 2011 the backyard has endured a lot of little feet running around the playground. While it was once a beautiful green field of grass, it has gone from dusty dry dirt and yukky mud and now a partially Astro turf covered area.

To make the backyard not only look better, but to make it even safer for the children, we would like to cover a much larger area then we have now with rubber mulch and border it off with rubber bumpers.

We ask your help in raising the monies to accomplish this goal. It will take a little over $1,200 to get the mulch and the bumpers. And we would like to start our summer off with a once again beautiful looking and very safe playground. No more mud when the sprinklers are cooling the children down on hot days and no more dust when it is dry and warm outside. Safety first with the rubber mulch (and rubber bumpers) under anything that has a fall height of even a foot (or higher) and the rest of the backyard covered with nice green Astro turf.

Please click here to go to our GoFundMe.com page
Thank you for your help,
Yvonne and Howard Bisk


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