Accountability to Yourself


I often hear so many excuses why people are not where they want to be in life.

People want to lose weight, but instead of rising to the challenge, they fall back on excuses about why they can’t succeed:

  • “I can’t lose the weight because there are so many snacks in the house.”
  • “I don’t know how to cook.”
  • “There are no healthy options in the restaurant.”

While those people are making excuses, other people are doing what it takes to lose the weight.

“I can’t get a job because the market is so bad out there.” Yet people are finding jobs.

Mary Kay Ash always said, “What you think about you bring about,” and this is so true. If you keep telling yourself you can’t because of something you believe is beyond your control, you will always find an excuse to fail. We all do it. I have done it.

The same idea applies to our businesses. When something goes wrong, we blame everyone and everything else for our failure. It’s true that things won’t always work out the way we planned them, but the important thing is to keep a positive frame of mind and find solutions to the challenges that arise, not make excuses and blame other people and things. When we make excuses and cast blame, we aren’t doing anything to resolve the challenge before us. Instead, we are giving away our control over the situation so that we are powerless to do anything except hope that someone else comes along and fixes it. Instead of casting blame, take that energy, empower yourself, and fix it yourself.

I was once a special events manager in charge of a 300 person gala. It was one of the first this chapter was organizing and there were high expectations of us.

While moving all of the supplies to the venue, the movers dropped a box, and in that box was a one of a kind, hand painted plate by the honoree herself! Broken, smashed, there was no repairing it. There was also a miscommunication with the venue. They had forgotten to tell us that we were not able to set up the auction, the 80 piece auction, until 4:30 (our event started at 6:00 and the set-up usually takes all day.) During the Gala, the venue staff refused to work with us when we had to move the Live Auction items and tables from upstairs to downstairs. We used computers to track sales, accept credit cards, check out our guests and print receipts, but they crashed.

With all of these challenges happening behind the scenes, do you know what our guests saw? A well-organized event.

I believe it was due to our mind set. I could not control the fact that the plate was broken. Getting upset at the movers, staff or volunteers was not going to fix anything. Moving other items around on the table and educating the volunteers of a proper response to why the item was missing worked just fine.

By controlling myself, my thoughts, and my actions by staying positive, I was able to motivate my volunteers to stay positive and achieve the common goal: a great experience for our Gala guests.

Eric Worre once said, “We’ve been conditioned to believe that someone owes us something… The sooner you get over it and learn to take responsibility, the quicker you’ll get the success you deserve.”

This idea of being owed something falls in line with blame and excuse. When you feel that you are owed something, you lack the drive to earn it because you believe you are already entitled to it. You will say, “I deserve a raise,” then do nothing to show how you deserve it. If you want to conquer all challenges in your way and succeed in your business, you need to take charge and do it. The results will come.

Affirmations for Accountability

1)      You control only you. Everything else is out of our control.

2)      You can only change yourself.

3)      Identify the things holding you back.

4)      No one else is in charge of your success or failure.


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