An Attitude for Action in Business


Everyone has a goal that will allow them to think, “I have succeeded.” Goals are what drive us to action every day. But sometimes those goals are big, and will take time and patience. These loftier goals require faith, patience, and dedication in order to see your success in the process as you edge closer and closer to achieving them.

Too often, people become overwhelmed by the big goal and where they are in the process. If you plan to build a house, you may become anxious as you look at a stack of lumber and your hammer and wonder, “How will this possibly become a house?” The fact is that it will become a house, but you have to work at it and follow the steps necessary instead of hoping for a house to miraculously pop up out of the ground.

When I talk about how I lost 30 pounds so far, people are always telling me that I make it look easy.
It’s not easy, not by a long shot, but it is simple: balanced whole food eating, exercising, and believing that I can do it all plays into it. Having a great support system of like-minded people to lean on helped as well.

With most plans of action, the step-by-step process make things look as simple as they truly are. Do “A,” get to “B.” Do “B,” get to “C,” and so on. People constantly dismiss looking at the steps involved in their future success and instead look at the big picture, the grand finale, and decide right away whether they can or can’t do it. That’s a lot to take in at once. Let’s say I decide my aim for success is building a space shuttle that will travel to Mars. Before you even know how knowledgeable I am about math and science, you would probably think that is a very lofty goal, and decide whether or not I am going to succeed or not right away.

And what if I knew literally nothing about math and science? Could I do it? If you are deciding whether or not I can build a space shuttle that could travel to Mars right this second, the answer is probably, “No.” But the mindset for success shouldn’t always be about right now because, to be successful, you have to work at it over time.


So I have no knowledge about how to build a space shuttle, or even what one is made off. My first step, then, is to learn. It may take me two or three college degrees and ten years, but I’m going to learn the theories around space travel and the elements used in propelling a shuttle through space and protect its inhabitants. Once I learn that, I take that knowledge to an aerospace company that deals with space travel, and work my way up the engineering ladder. Each year I go up a rung until, another ten years later, I am part of the project that launches a space shuttle that lands on Mars.

Not all potential success stories may take this long, but you have to be aware that anything worth doing needs to actually be done. Success doesn’t happen by doing nothing. Success comes from an attitude of faith, patience, and perseverance.


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