Your Story, Your Selling Tool

When it comes to marketing your business on a personal level, you have to be wary of coming off as too scripted.

What does that mean? Well, if you work in an office like me and answer your own phone, you probably receive a lot of cold calls from telemarketers. For me, it takes seconds before I can start reciting the script coming from the caller, word for word, and already know if I have need of the callers services or not. I’m not saying telemarketing is a bad marketing method. It’s just different than networking meetings. Telemarketers are usually interested in making the short sale now. Network marketing is about building relationships that will create a constant stream of sales.

How do you build relationships? By making yourself stand out with your story.

You have to entice the person you are speaking with to learn more, to put your business card in that special spot in their wallet and not just dump it into a pocket or bag.

When telling your story, don’t be shy about adding some business facts, but don’t use too many. This isn’t a resume. This is reflection on what you do, and how it can be incorporated into the business of your potential client.  This is a chance for you to put not only a face or voice to your services, but a living, breathing life to it.

Be your own voice and speak from your heart. Facts tell, but stories sell so respond to a situation or objection with the telling a story. It helps a potential client to hear about how your practice has made an impact in real life. Set your intention for the story, and keep it in mind at all times.

Don’t forget a call to action. Ask for a meeting to talk details. A story is great, but you need to follow up or else it isn’t a selling pitch. It just becomes a story.

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