How Fantasy Football Can Help a Business Thrive


Fantasy football receives a lot of criticism when it comes to productivity in the workplace. The time that employees spend reading articles on the internet and tinkering with their teams instead of doing actual work can make any office manager or boss cringe.

But fantasy football can be a great thing to help strengthen relationships in the office, bring a sense of camaraderie, and even help develop team-building skills.

Some workplaces have office leagues in fantasy football where a fantasy football team is shared by co-workers. This develops communications between co-workers and strengthens teamwork that can make its way into general work concepts as people learn to discuss options in regards to drafting, trading, and setting lineups.

It also helps co-workers connect with each other in something they may both be passionate about, or help people learn how to train others in an activity that they never had an interest in before. The workplace is always looking for effective means to help employees become more engaging, more personal, and become better communicators.

Fantasy football is also fun, and can help make a workplace more enjoyable, even if it is just a few minutes in the day. It’s like a coffee break, but the employees don’t have to leave.


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