Building Your Client Pipeline

Everyone says the same thing in business. “I need more clients!” But no one says how to get those clients, nurture them, keep them, and eventually have them extend your networking pipeline without even knowing it. The reason is that there is no easy answer. There is no magic formula that gives you active, hot leads that are ready to give your business a shot.
When constructing a networking pipeline for your business, consistent work is going to be the key to success, not where you start.
When I first started this networking business, I had to start from scratch even after filling up my Rolodex. Although I had 2 years of building events, I legally couldn’t reach out to the contacts I made due to a contract with the firm that I was working for. So I started over. I took the first steps of networking all over again, with friend and family, a warm market.
But then I expanded by talking to everyone about my goals and told my story. I didn’t sell them there on the spot. I just told my story of what I was trying to accomplish. with perseverance, my list began to grow. I partnered with people, and my list grew. I tried new things, and my list grew. Of course, through this process people came and left, but that was okay because I was always adding people onto the list, and sometimes the people that had left had also left their own lists.
What activity do you do every single day to grow your list and keep it active?
How many lunch dates do you have a week?
How many people have you helped get what they needed?
This is all part of building relationships. Relationships builds a strong business base. And a strong base is the key to success.

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