Fitting Business Networking into a Busy Holiday Season


We have spoken constantly about the need to make time in your business to network in past articles because it is important enough to repeat again and again. Networking creates relationships. Relationships create opportunities. Opportunities create sales. It’s a business structure that has been around since the first time there was bartering competition.

But the holidays give us even less time to deal with anything besides the holidays. You have gifts to shop for and wrap. You have relatives coming by that you haven’t seen all year. There’s food to prepare, homes to decorate, and maybe some snow to constantly shovel.

With all those other activities consuming your time, it’s okay to cut back on networking your business a little, or take a break from events, right? No one is looking to start up a business relationship during the holidays, right?


While people may not be looking to start a business relationship during the holiday season, they will be hitting the new year hard with plans for their business. By investing just a little bit of time to market your business during the holiday season now, you may not ink a contract in the next few weeks, but you may be at the forefront of peoples’ minds when they start to figure out the financial plans for the new year.

Wouldn’t you rather have the holiday tree cut when you need it instead of having to look for a saw?


One response to “Fitting Business Networking into a Busy Holiday Season

  1. Love this blog, Christina, especially the last sentence :)-
    Thanks for the opportunities to present for your group!

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