The Do’s and Don’ts of the Holiday Office Party


The holiday office party can be one of the most fun aspects of any company, but also one of the most anxiety-ridden.

The concept is simple: an office event where co-workers mingle and talk about more than budgets and sales. They can expand on those five minute water-cooler chats about the kids, sports, and life in general. You can even meet people from other departments that you probably don’t see except at office parties, like the accounting department that seems to be locked on the second floor before, during, and after normal business hours.

But how much mingling is too much? Yes, even at the office party, certain guidelines must be met to make sure that the events of the office party don’t spill into the actual office.


1) Do Mingle.

Just because you’re in the sales department doesn’t mean you have to talk to people in the sales department all night. A company is a family. Catch up with whoever you can. That way, you’ll remember So-and-So’s name when you pass him in the hallway.

2) Do Enjoy Yourself.

It’s a party. You are allowed to smile, have fun, and not talk about work.

3) Do Send Out a Thank You Card or Two.

It’s not apple-polishing to thank your boss for the party. It shows that you don’t take things for granted. And be especially aware of co-workers that helped plan the party and thank them as well.


1) Don’t Be Excessive.

It’s a party, but you will have to see this people in the office, usually five days a week at eight hours a day. Try not to eat, drink, or flirt excessively that will get the office buzzing.

2) Don’t Talk About Work.

The concept of office parties is to engage with co-workers in a more personal level, and there is nothing more impersonal than talking about work. Just look at Ebenezer Scrooge.

3) Don’t Talk About A Raise.

This is not the time to work on those New Year’s Resolutions.


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