Digital Networking Do’s and Don’ts: What is SEO?


Since you are here at Long Island Entrepreneurs, you probably know a thing or two about computers and the internet. You’ve signed up for most of the big social media networks. You’re probably set up a website for your company. Maybe you’ve even used some of those advertising credits that hosting companies offer, or even paid money out of your own pocket.

You’ve done all of the above, but you haven’t had the results that you wanted. You’re not alone. Because marketing yourself and your company on the internet is so easy and inexpensive, just about everybody is doing it, making your networking attempts seem more like registering in a giant phone book.

This is why we have broken down some “Do’s and Don’ts” in digital networking. Our second topic is “What is SEO?”

Of course, you’ve heard the term “SEO” if you own or are in a business with a digital presence. From what countless salesman have pitched over the phone and in emails, you’re SEO is broken. It needs to be fixed. You could have so many more clients if you give some attention to your SEO. All of this can be true, but there are certain things to do and don’t do.

First off, what is SEO? SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” Search engines like Google and Yahoo use systems to collect information about everything in the internet, and indexing it in order based upon certain criteria. Besides the good old, “Give us money and we’ll put you at the top of search engines” criteria,” of course.

This indexing takes into account how a search term is incorporated into content, like a news article or picture caption, how much traffic that content has had previously, and other less direct categories. This means that content is king. If you use a blogging platform like WordPress, you can even push content into a picture with a background description or a caption. A search engine can’t index a picture, but it can index a pictured based on how the picture is explained. This same idea goes for videos as well. The internet can’t “see” or “hear” the video. It needs alphanumerical content around it in order to index it, and make it searchable.

If your content isn’t searchable, then it won’t be found by those most important potential clients: the ones that don’t know that your company exists… yet.


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