Our Next Lunch N Learn Meeting: Let’s Talk Barter!

Monthly Lunch N Learn: Let’s Talk Barter!
Monday, March 30th 2015
11:45am – 1:00pm (EDT)
Location: Bertucci’s
881 Walt Whitman Road
Melville, NY 11747
What is the advantage to using a barter system?
  • 1: Improve Cash Flow
    Members purchase goods and services for their business out of barter dollars earned by additional sales of their own product, service, unwanted assets or excess capacity. North East Trade Associates creates a new revenue source for its members without decreasing their existing cash business.

    2: Increase New Sales
    Consider North East Trade Associates as an independent, commission-only, sales rep. for your business. NBG brokers search out and fulfill member purchase requests, generating new business for our members, over and above their usual cash business.

    3: Turn Unneeded Product And Unproductive Time Into A Tangible Asset
    No business operates at 100% efficiency! There is always wasted time and unneeded product that reduce your bottom line.
    North East Trade Associates can help you turn these into a tangible asset, providing you with valuable trade dollars to spend.

    Join us for a introduction to Long Island’s best barter system.

    $20 investment (cash at door)
    Includes lunch

  • Christina Colandro
    Infinite Business Connections

    Infinite Business Connections: www.facebook.com/infinitebusinessconnections
    Long Island Entrepreneurs: https://www.facebook.com/groups/299310424764/

    Presenters are needed… if you are interested, email your topic to me and lets get you booked!


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