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Meet 3 Young Entrepreneurs Who Put Wall Street to Shame…

Three self-starting teens have found ways to make their dreams come true and achieve CEO status before they’ve even set foot in a college classroom.

Summer plans for teens normally involve spending days at amusement parks, binging on video games or the occasional part-time job to earn a little cash. But normal isn’t an option for three teens this summer. These teens have business to handle. Real business.

Having the creativity and a determination that stretches beyond lemonade-stand ideas, these teens are creating their own innovative and impactful companies. Chase Reed, Maya Penn and Warren Cassell Jr. have turned their visions into reality, and they are all under age 17.

Take a look at their credentials.






You don’t have to be in the same field to HELP a person you meet at networking events.

Think about how you can assist someone and NOT just about how you can profit from the event…

“ I referred Harmonie Saltzman to my husband’s employer at Family Wellness Center and they hired her to be their Director of Marketing!!”

Karen Baker Blum

After the meeting September 10, 2013

Dr. Harsimran

Your meetings are not one of the best but “THE BEST”. Keep it up.


Alaine MacDougall – New York Life –



John Lepre – magician – (516) 799-8420

Very good! A well attended and productive evening!



Great to meet everyone! Loved the food too 🙂



Great meetup! So nice to see so many new faces, as well as familiar ones 🙂



Looking forward to attending my 2nd event with this so organized and well run group. Howard and Yvonne do an amazing job and those who don’t attend do not realize what they are missing out on.


Stay Happy and Healthy, remember:

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”
-Benjamin Franklin

Testimonials after the meeting..

If you take a minute to fill out the ‘rate the meeting’ section on after you attended one of the meetings… you will get your name and link posted on the very popular Long Island Entrepreneurs Blog. Just like these people did:

July / August 13, 2013

Susan Solz – Doggie Daycare –

Great event. Real, nice people.


Awesome event! Really enjoyed the networking!


Great opportunity to meet new people. The hosts do an amazing job organizing and speaking at the meeting to make everyone feel comfortable.


It was a GREAT event! It was very well run and organized! I met and learned from great people. Thanks for the invite and I will be there again!

Ann Marie

Great networking event!

Dr. Harsimran

I have attended several meet ups, Yours is the best. I plan to come every time you hold a meeting.





Life is…

Networking Is Not An Event, It’s A Lifestyle

Not everything we were taught is correct.

We were taught to only attend large networking events so we can get lots of business cards. Wrong.

Think about this:

When you go on a sales call do you need more than one other person in the room? Would you let the other person think “they are not enough”?


Just two people: enough.

So why make excuses, or be disappointed when an event is not “well attended”.

I remember attending a networking event where no one else showed up, not even the host.

Granted, it may have been the snowstorm that kept everyone at home, near the fireplace and hot coffee.

Before I left the “event” I have made 17 business contacts, including the owner of the hotel, the manager of the restaurant, the owner of the cafe, the sales rep from the food purveyor and the real estate agent who was across the street from the hotel.

You see, I helped him shovel out his car.

Now a customer for life.


Networking is not an event, it’s a lifestyle.

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