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First Impressions in Business: What’s In a Name?


A good first impression is one of the most important things when building business relationships through networking. It’s an obvious statement to make, but important practices need to be stated over and over again and practiced over and over again so that you are always reminded before you begin to speak.

To figure out the best way to make a first impression, you need to realize the ways that you can make a bad impressions. One of the first things that come to mind is the countless cold calls I receive at the office. Granted, telemarketing has its place in business and obviously works when used effectively, but telemarketing could definitely use some improvement when making first impressions. If it were perfect, I would give only ten seconds to most cold calls before excusing myself from the call.

If you’re not sure how to pronounce someone’s name, have them say it in their own introduction.

When building business relationships, it’s always nice to already know someone’s name because a friend or colleague referred you to someone. You have a name, and using that name can create an aura of familiarity with a stranger right out of the gate, which is great! But if you mispronounce that name, it can lead to embarrassment on both sides, and that can be quite a hole to climb out of to start a conversation.

If you’re unsure of a name, introduce yourself, have them introduce themselves, and then continue to progress the familiarity by mentioning your mutual acquaintance. Now you have a connection, which is just as good, if not better, than being the random stranger that knows your name.


Infinite Business Connections Nominated for Best of Long Island Award!


We are proud to announce that Infinite Business Connections has been nominated for the award of Best Networking Group on Long Island by the Long Island Press!

Through her work in helping people grow their businesses by meeting like-minded individuals who could use their services, Christina Colandro, CEO of Infinite Business Solutions, has evolved the idea of business networking events into a way not only to expand your business by meeting people, but to help educate people in how to best engage those people. This is done in a variety of ways, from speed networking events to round table discussions to educational lunches. Infinite Business Connections has also taken hold of the internet with its weekly postings on Long Island Entrepreneurs.

Voting begins October 1st, 2014 and runs until December 15th, 2014. Please show your appreciation for Infinite Business Connections by voting when the times comes.


You can find Infinite Business Connections in the category Networking Group under Services.

Thank you all for making Infinite Business Connections deserving of this nomination, because networking is nothing without the people.


Pets for Vets Charity Business Event!

When an event will help both your business and a great cause, it’s hard not to sign up!
On October 30th, business sales gurus Jeff Goldberg and Adrian Miller will team up to bring you tips and practices that will keep you selling for your business. The event features the charity Pets for Vets, a program that rescues shelter animals and grooms them for therapy duty for military veterans.
Reduced rates for Early Bird tickets are available. CLICK HERE for tickets!
Pets for Vets rescues shelter dogs (and the occasional cat) and fosters them for 6 – 8 weeks, during which a professional will train them to be companions for military veterans with “silent” wounds like PTSD, depression, anxiety, etc. PFV does extensive interviews with the veteran to make sure they are capable of taking care of their future “best friend.” Our veterans have experienced a huge change in their life once the animal is in their care. PFV is an all-volunteer charity and we greatly appreciate their dedication.
10 Unbreakable Rules That Will Make You a Sales Superstar
Veteran sales trainers, and fierce but friendly competitors, Adrian Miller Author – “The Blatant Truth”) and Jeff Goldberg (Co-author – “Leverage Your Laziness!”) will share their personal sales techniques that really work.
No pie-in-the-sky tactics that look good in the books but fall flat in the sales trenches. No theories or ideas. Just proven tips, tools, strategies and techniques that have helped tens of thousands of salespeople internationally exceed their sales goals, year after year.
Adrian and Jeff are not only trainers but practitioners as well. They talk the talk and walk the walk every day, so you’ll benefit from their combined 60 years of experience selling in just about every type of situation and in every market. From starting the dialogue to closing the deal,and everything in-between, you’ll get a wealth of results-driven information that you can start to use immediately to boost your sales!

The Strength of Speed Networking: Interview with Christina Colandro


Photo: The Daily Blu

Creating relationships for your business at traditional networking events can sometimes be an intimidating experience. People tend to seek out people that they already know, leaving potential new business relationships on the sidelines.

Speed networking is here to help kick off that introduction, as well as help you meet more people, add more contacts, and start more business relationships in one event!

Our own business networking guru, Christina Colandro of Infinite Business Connections, sat down with The Daily Blu to discuss what speed networking is and how it can help you feel more comfortable at networking events and build business relationships.

Infinite Business Connections hosts networking events every month on Long Island, New York. See all of their events by clicking here!