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Springtime for Business Relationships!


Well Long Islanders, it finally happened. Spring is in the air! Sure, it may have snowed last weekend, but that was last weekend. This week, I went to get the mail without a jacket! That’s weather progress!

Better weather also means that it is time to put all of those business networking plans into action. No more will a weather emergency lead you home after work and not to a networking function! No more will business tax payments lead to budgeting!

Spring is time for growth, both in the world and your business! Water it, feed it, and let the sun shine in!

Let Infinite business Connections help you do that. Mingle at our Meet-Up group and ink in our networking dates here!


Our Latest Business Education Event In Action!

John Dano of The Entrepreneur Center in Melville, NY.

John Dano of The Entrepreneur Center in Melville, NY.

This past Monday, Infinite Business Connections hosted an educational business event at The Entrepreneur Center in Melville, NY.

Lead by founder and lead educator of the center, John Dano, the presentation Painless Prospecting, the discussion focused on how to not only talk to potential partners when networking for your business, but how to build a relationship that can last.


The presentation goes hand-in-hand with how to develop an effective elevator pitch.

John Dano has an innovative and interactive teaching style which utilizes accelerated learning techniques to give business owners, professionals and would-be business owners the skills necessary to make their business successful.

See John Dano in action with our attendees!