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Long Island TEDx Event in February!


Photo courtesy of RXR Executive Park, Melville NY

Photo courtesy of RXR Executive Park, Melville NY

TEDxMelville presents Disruption: Create or Adapt
Thursday, February 5th 2015
9:00am – 5:00pm (EDT)
Location: RXR Executive Park
58 S. Service Road
Melville, NY 11747

TEDxMelville’s Disruption: Create or Adapt event aims to explore the impact of disruption on society from the business owner to the consumer to the individual on areas and industries ranging from technology to art, communications, entrepreneurship and more. It’s about the speed of disruption and its emotional and psychological impact. It’s about the answers to important questions such as, “Is disruption a friend or foe?”  Most importantly, TEDxMelville is about exploring disruption from the unique perspective of those who create it and those who adapt to it.

Linx  announced plans to curate TEDxMelville, an independently organized TEDx event. TEDxMelville’s “Disruption: Create or Adapt” is a full-day event with a limited audience of 100 guests located in the RXR Realty Conference Center at 58 South Service Road, Melville, NY 11746 . The private event, available through online streaming, is scheduled for February 5, 2015. Linx also announced a call for speakers and performers, sponsors and volunteers for its TEDxMelville event.

Visit www.TEDxMelville.org for more information.

Get updates on the event at
www.Facebook.com/TEDxMelville and www.Twitter.com/TEDxMelville.